Behind the Scenes - 1983 HBO Starship in Space logo

Here’s one of my favorite 1980’s practical effects behind the scenes. Anybody else remember this from your childhood?


Yeah, I sure remember seeing this, and thinking how fantastic it was… And how cable TV was still a novel modern wonder. It looked great then, kinda cheesy now… How times have changed.

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i love how they’ve actually written a song to describe the process!

and who’dda thought you had to make a metal logo to get the chrome effect! fantastic


And the smoke? That was legitimate smoke they were breathing! For weeks!

i have a big coffee table book about the behind the scenes work on Thunderbirds - and thats seriously scary with some of the crazy explosions, smoke and chemicals they were using on a daily basis.

Health and Safety would have shut them down in a heartbeat these days!

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this was back when they really knew how to make kids tv!