Best Colorimeter/Calibration Software for CentOS

Howdy howdy - I’m running Flame on CentOS on a Dell Precision from home, so I’m my own sysadmin. I’ve found surprisingly little literature on how to calibrate in this OS and I wanted to see if the hive had any collective preference in brand of Colorimeter/calibrating software.

Does CentOS play nice with most Colorimeters right off the bat, or are there only a few that have Linux drivers? Do you use the KDE’s built in utility to calibrate or is there a better tool out there? I know a laptop screen’s only gonna get so precise, but I’d like to get is a good as it can be.

I use Calman for both LG and Eizo, though the Eizo has it own calibration its nice to just plug in a laptop and do both with the same software measurements.

When it comes to PC screen calibration on Linux you have only one reliable option - DispcalGUI. Good news - it`s free. For supported instruments under CentOS - the list is pretty big, and from time to time they add new devices.

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