Best method to align camera or projector to image plane

it would be nice to select an image plane or geo and have a camera snap to it’s position for a projection, only needing some manual z positioning esp when said image plane is at an off angle to camera. Currently i’m manually lining it up with 2-up view. (perspective cam view + result) - anyone have a clever shortcut for it?


Look at link? Or am I misunderstanding?

Parent the surface or geo to the camera so it hangs under the said node in action and adjust the camera’s z pos.

there is a feature in Cinema4d that does what i think you are refering to (unfortunately i don’t think we have anything similar).

If you navigate your viewer window to show whatever shot framing you like, when you create a new camera, it takes the exact co-ordinates and zoom settings etc, and gives the new camera those as its starting point. This would be a really nice feature to have in Flame

I would think you would adjust the Projector z.pos

Unless I’m missing something you can just attach a fresh camera under the image and it should align perfect to the concatenation of the axis transformations and the offset values of the image but offset correctly in Z such that it lines up exactly as a default action setup with an a zeroed-out axis and image image and a default camera would.

Bicubic and bilinears with vertex transforms can obviously negate that match.

Or I could be wrong… on a train in the south of France and not in front of a flame just this moment :joy:


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