Projections not sticking on geocache

Hi everyone- curious if anyone has run into this projection issue - got camera and geo back from tracking… however the geo’s match-move is driven by an axis- So when I try to lock a hero frame to the geo- it slides all over. The only solution I have so far is to basically manipulate the axis on the diffuse of the full res insert and then wrap it on the geo… Is there a way to get projections to respect movement driven by an upstream axis?

Hey Rob

not sure im totally following where the animation is coming from, but if its an alembic geo cache from match move and you use the old skool projector node you should be able to stick the image to the geo with the UVs. under the projector node go to the tracking submenu. i know it looks like the same menu for tracking with a motion vector map but it’s not. line up your projector so its looking straight at your geo and add a keyframe.



If you’re trying to project using the diffuse map option set to projection on geometry driven by an axis, try parenting the axis that is driving the geometry to the duplicated projection camera you’ve made (the camera you’ve done a “keep” on the hero frame). Then duplicate the axis driving the geometry, “keep” the hero frame, and invert that axis. Insert that in between the axis driving the geometry animation, and the projection camera, this will make sure the hero frame is in the correct initial position like you would any other track.

So you’ll have in this order: Axis driving geo—> axis driving geo duplicated, kept on hero frame and inverted—> projection camera.

Edit: I’m now realizing I may be interpreting your conundrum wrong, but if it’s in essence a moving object track within your camera track that you have geo from I think this should work? But then again, every time I have to do this, I generally forget some step or put something in the wrong order, which I may very well have also done in the explanation above!

I tend to not use the old projector node, but this is intriguing to check out, didn’t know that was in there! Thanks Tim!

@TimC I was looking everywhere for the old project uv setting the other day and then gave up. I saw the motion warp and thought “well that’s not it” and moved along.

Thanks for pointing this out.



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