Bfx inside Action?

i’m pretty sure the answer is NO, but worth asking…

is there anything like the Create BFX option but within Action?

Hm. What would it create? I was wondering how you could utilize this. Select hierarchy and save selected maybe?

You could group together multiple nodes and slip the timing together. If it existed, of course.

i was thinking that i might speed things up if you could contain all aspects of a 3d model (geo, textures,lights,etc) all within a single node…not so much for rendering but for ease of navigating a very cluttered action.

Closest thing I can think for that might be a group…


You can now do compass(backdrop) boxes in Action as well as batch, to group elements together. Useful if you want a group of geo to hide and unhide.

I was using compasses but had an issue when moving a large one and the pen lost contact and dropped the compass onto another…took me ages to sort out the chaos!

Ha. Yes. My favourite is accidentally pressing C instead of holding and just creating a tonne of compass all called ‘mm’, ‘mmmm’ :rofl:


Straight up been there…

More than once too.

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