Can't group Compasses in Batch?

This still isn’t possible? Any workarounds?

You can make groups inside groups, but I think in the long run it makes things more complicated rather than the other way round.

Right, but what I’m saying is I have a bunch of nodes inside a compass. I select the whole compass, and there is no ‘group’ function. I can group the nodes fine, but not if there’s a compass around them. That seems odd.

You should be able to select the compass and hit group, but inside the group there will be no compass. The grouping only effects the nodes.

There’s no group option if you select the compass. Only if you select nodes. Weird.

There isn’t if you right-click, but if you use the menu lower right, it’s there.

Somebody just earned their Logik merit badge. Thanks, Tim.

Still wish grouping would respect all compasses selected. But this is helpful.

If you Ctl-Click on each compass individually to create a multi-selection, then the contents of all the compasses should be contained in a single group.