When A BFX get to big

Well, It seems BFX slowdown in on the forums lately.

I was just doing a project, and had a simple cleanup that I did in a BFX. Then it got bigger, and bigger due to client request. I noticed that BFX started slowing down my saves, and project as a whole.

What is the most correct or easiest way to promote a BFX to Batch?


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Copy paste?

Like Randy says, copy paste works. Also taking bfx into batch and right clicking to explode it.

I usually run from BFX. In terms of timeline effects, I only use it when is really simple, if grows, I load into batch, it changes drastically. If is for pre renders, I prefer to do a render node set to one of the schematic reels instead of batch renders, and it pops into my batch schematic right after the completion of the render, it takes the same amount of storage as rendering a bfx, but is always there, from my experience, sometimes flame loses the render of a bfx.

Careful there, the old copy paste is not necessarily the right answer to this, especially if you are working with bfx and those happen to have handles or muxs associated with cirtain frames. The only time copy paste really works is if you created your bfx with zero handles

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Ahh, I see what Joel is talking about it. And I had some time to play with it the way everyone was talking.

And normally before I make a BFX on the timeline, I extend the handles 10 frames on either side, and do the comping. then trim it back once I’m done. I guess that is just a carry over from my Avid DS day’s when you couldn’t extend a container.

Thanks, I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a “oh just do it like this” button I was missing. Currently it just feels a little messy. But it’s also not really an “established” workflow. I wouldn’t event have to do it, if it didn’t slow my project down to a crawl.

What about dragging the whole set up into the Project tab, then drawing it out into batch? is there a gotcha with that?

Thanks Everyone

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If it’s silly and it works it ain’t silly. Don’t overthink it too much Brooks. :slight_smile:

Hi Brooks.

There is a little thing that might help you: inside the batch fx you can toggle the duration of the frames to be the media length so you don’t necessarily have to drag out the handles.
Link to gif recording below.

Bfx comp range|600x338

@johnt that is awesome! Thank you! That is so much more convenient! Thanks for that tip!