Black Friday Bargins (kinda)

I love a good bargain. Paying full retail was beaten out of my brain in the flea markets of NYC and NJ long ago. I love getting those “Black Friday Sales” emails from places I actually spend money at regularly. I couldn’t believe it when I read the email from Autodesk about their “Cyber Week Sale”. Let’s just see, what kind of deals they have. Never have I come across a sale that includes my favorite software. Lo and behold, It looked like I could get 0% financing on a 3 yr subscription. That’s a good deal so further down the rabbit hole I went. Reached out to Autodesk, per the sites standardized form. I received a quick reply, awesome…… since I was already on subscription through the website and since I’m a freelancer operating as a sole-proprietor, not an LLC things got kicked up the sales ladder.
No problem, at least they haven’t said no yet. ( Is that. little too much foreshadowing) Besides my credit is stellar and if they wanted to they could shutdown the license at any moment right? 0% on a 12K+ expense would leave me additional capital for continued use as an independent contractor etc…
Next day I get a quote from the sales team for a 3 year subscription. When I open it, I’m thinking, this can’t be right…. It’s actually $625 more then just doing the 3 year myself online. Maybe I missed something, but shouldn’t that, at a minimum be the same?

So, I ask Autodesk to help me understand.

Long story short, the “Cyber Week Sale” subscription deal can’t be applied to subscriptions purchased through the e-store. So I would need to open a new contract, which is more expensive then what I’m already paying.

This is where I end my quest for the elusive Autodesk “Sale”.

I did find that BorixFX’s 25% off everything means everything, no asterisk, no see details, everything.

Now on to OWC and see what to gets the kid for the holidays.

Happy Hunting

chq’s renewal experience doesn’t make much sense, so what’s going on here ADSK?

Topaz Labs has Black Friday pricing until 12/2.

I’ve been very impressed by Video Enhance AI (VEAI) and picked it up at a fantastic price during last year’s sale.

As VEAI only works on moving images and I need to upscale stills from time to time, I’m going to pick up their Gigapixel AI and will also get Sharpen AI as I’d like to try it out on out-of-focus images.

(Note that Photo AI is their new product which they’re heavily promoting – and it seems to be a simplified version of all their stills tools wrapped into one program)

Yup Photo AI is very good, that replaces Giga and Sharpen.

Topaz Video AI now reads and exports EXR files, really useful. I use Video AI all the time, it’s brilliant.

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Just saw that in one our other forums and confirmed that it works.

If you do have an Adobe subscription, you can go to ‘manage my plan’ and get 25% of your current subscription for the next 12 months.

Not entirely sure what Adobe’s thinking here is. I did read the fine print and didn’t see any catch. I think they’re trying to get long-term subscribers on the same plan to clear our some legalese cobwebs. Functionally it seems to be the same plan.

Only on new subscriptions. I tried to change my renewal date but was told I have to buy a new sub to take advantage of the bfs

Hello RufusBlackwell!

I don’t have any of their stills applications yet. Was planning to pick up Gigapixel AI & Sharpen AI as initial comparisons of those vs. Photo AI favored the older apps. The reviews disparaged Photo AI as a “one-button-press” tool that lacked the control available in the separate apps.

Any further thoughts about the older apps vs. Photo AI?



Yeah I haven’t really found anything I could do previously, in the older apps, that I can’t do in Photo AI. I’m pretty sure that they will drop the others soon, and just have Video AI and Photo AI. I would think def worth getting the main Photo AI app. You can switch autopilot off and adjust all settings individually. Although Autopilot usually just nails it.

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