New buying experience

Anyone else had an email from Autodesk outlining a “new buying experience”
Is this just a way of saying prices are going up?


Dunno about the prices yet as mine doesn’t renew until early 2025, but it sounds like they are cutting out the resellers.

We have already had our resellers cut out here in NZ @paul_round @ManChicken

I don’t understand how the reseller market even exists anymore. I see ZERO value add over just purchasing is web.

We subscribe directly with AD, haven’t used a reseller in years.

No worry, the change is only related to whom you pay your subscription to i.e. you now pay directly to Autodesk and not to the reseller. This does not change your relationship with your VAR.

I wonder what will happen to Flare and Flame Assist (and farewell Lustre!), which were only sold through resellers.