Blender to Flame

Hi guys, is there a way to connect Blender’s shader editor to Flame with pybox?


Hmmm. Good question. @fredwarren ? Any ideas?

Is the purpose to recreate Blender shader network to Flame’s PBR?

Yes exactly.
I am not a programmer but my logic says that since Principled BSDF has only one output slot, only the final flatten material will be available, no?

Since we are asking questions - how possible would it be to open up action to external renderers like redshift?

Pybox needs access to a command line / external renderer. You need to look at what Blender offers for this and try to hook up to it.

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@AntonisNtelis PyBox expects a rendered image back. I dont think it will work as a communication port to adjust individual parameters. In theory you can use python to control Blender if its Python module is available to Flame. So if PBR parameters are available in the Flame Python API it could by posible to run a script that rebuilds PBR in Blender. To get a rendered image back is another thing.

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It depends on what Blender provides (which I don’t know). It is possible to modify parameters in the Nuke’s Pybox because you can manipulate a nuke script outside of their application.