Matchbox Shader Dev

I was wondering if anyone on this form is interested in working with us on the development of a Matchbox shader. We have a product that is greatly improving color workflows through the use of Ai, standard color management techniques as well as visual fingerprinting. We have standalone and OFX versions already so the hard work has been done, but now we have a project that requires us to make it run as a Matchbox shader. We hope that after this particular project we might be able to bring this product to the wider Flame community too. Let me know if you are interested to learn more. dado at colourlab dot ai

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Hello @Dadovalentic,

I’m a fresh Flame user, still in the trial era of things. But as I am primarily a colorist and already make use of some of your products, I would be very happy to help you out. Do let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Hopefully till soon.


@miles is this up your alley?

Hi Dado,

Reach out to Gary Oberbrunner. He is one of the original authors of Sapphire plugins and is an absolute professional. He has made many custom softwares for us and is very familiar with Flame.

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hi @Dadovalentic, a couple questions. If you already have an OFX plugin, why not make it work with Flame’s OFX implementation. Many vendors have, and it works great. Second. Are you sure what you’re after can be done with a matchbox shader. While very powerful they are also quite limited in what they have access to within the Flame… Also what Alan said. Gary know’s his stuff.

I think he also wrote Particle Illusion. He’s a good dude!