Bringing back hair help

I’ve got a few shots where I need to replace something in the bg, the only issue is the actor has some long hair that goes over the paint out. Does anyone have any tricks they’re willing to share to help bring the hair back on top of the paint out. Doesn’t need to be perfect, just need to get 75% of the way there.

Can you hardlight or multiply it back?


I’m currently trying soft light to bring it back in, I’m getting some better results then I expected so I’ve got my fingers crossed, if not I’ll try hard light and go from there.Always the issue with longform, just don’t have the time

One thing i sometimes try is LsLumps if the bg is defocussed, maybe just take the detail or lumps (mids) pass and grade it up or down to use a key / mult / hadlight etc. Gives a bit more control over frequency seperation.


The bg is very much out of focus, when I get some down time I will give this a go, for my own sanity more then anything! Using soft light has got me 75% of the way there so I’m going to move on for the moment. Thank you for your help Richard

Can you paint up some fresh wispiness hair and track it over the top?


I gave this a go but didn’t have the effect I needed unfortunately. The actor had a lot of turns in their head and it didn’t quite look right on the run. Thank you for the idea though.

Im having this issue also, i have a poster that is needs replacing with one that is quite a bit darker, Needs a super tight roto on him but also want to figure out getting the hair details back.

I was very fortunate that my bg was extremely soft and for me doing a soft light of the original, with some cc and a loose matte saved the shot. It’s not perfect but it’s better then I was expecting. Randy’s idea of making up some hair and comping that back on top might work for you?

Yeah that will work for this fortunately.

When going from a bright to dark BG is it better to do a bit of a pixel spread then recut it again with the original matte again?