Wig Fixes

Hello Logik, got a bunch of wig fixes and was wondering how you guys usually approach them? These seem to be where you can see the join onto of the forehead and temples. Messing around with A2 beauty and getting decent results always seem to go this route.

I’ve used A2Beauty, crok_beauty and motion vectors in the past.

Do you have a lot of shots that are similar? This could be a good use case for Nuke’s CopyCat.

There are a good few but i dont have access to Nuke 13 yet otherwise id give it a shot.

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I do a lot of planar stabilize, then paint.


Agree. Also motion tracking is a winner.

Whenever it comes to beauty work I always have a high pass filter on standby.

Blur until the seam/blemish has gone away. Invert and then 50% mix back to original.

Paint the high pass and recombine using Photoshop linear light.


Usually 2 areas to fix … glue which can give speckled hi-lights. You can track and then “min” / median . Also the wig mesh which sometimes you have to track and paint

Thanks Guys

I have a couple of really tricky ones where the mesh is far too excessive. I need an element of hair to replicate the roots, Does anybody have such an element?

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Crok skin and paint some hair?

Take a picture of someone’s hairline?

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I think thats the way to go

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It depends on the shot. Have definitely went the blur route, A2 and motion vector path, but I’ve also had a lot of luck using deform mesh. Because usually removing the wig line is one thing, but then usually the scalp needs some remodeling so it doesn’t look like a gap.