Broadcast monitor - what are people using nowadays

What are people using for broadcast monitoring nowadays?

Are The Sony PVM A250/BVM still the gold standard everywhere?
What do you see being used right now in the worlds ‘flame suites’ . I did a bunch of research and figured out I would really like a Eizo PROMINENCE CG3146 also to be HDR ready for the future , but it being more than 3x the price of the A250 and the A250 is not being made anymore (it is also very small , 1080p only and need a LUT box for calibration.

For me colors are as important as proper “motion cadence” , so I need to see if a motiongraphic element or something stutters or not, accurately and with confidence, something ive had some bad times with the LG Oled, where it was clean on the A250 but stuttery on the LG…


Are you talking about for you or client? I guess given the year I should assume you?

The Sony monitors are great! I ended up picking up at Flanders DM240. That model will not fit your needs, but I was very impressed with Flanders customer service and think they are worth checking out as another option.


Have been a fan of those Sony PVMA250s for a while. They are solid.


yea for myself, true flanders arent too bad either but the xm3110 is like 10K more than the eizo :frowning:

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Completely fair, they get pricey quick for what you get. I very well may outgrow this monitor but for now, its great and I love being able to get it calibrated and value the support of Flanders.


thats true, the calibration and support and stuff is really nice honestly.

We have Flanders DM240 here for color grading/finishing and are pretty happy too. Also, 24" is a good dimension to fit on a desk if you’re doing mostly HD.

I use a Sony PVM 2541 for my on desk finishing monitor and I also have an LG OLED 55inch C8 for the clients to look at. When the Sony dies I’ll be looking at something like the Flanders to replace it.

Thx everyone, interesting that they arent any good SDR OLED UHD reference monitors out there, its either HDR UHD (and thus expensive) or SDR 1080 Monitors.

Since sony has discontinued making the smaller 25 inch OLEDs ther are no pure RGB OLED monitors out there at all, the Sony A250 is rising in price even ( I paid 5.000 Euro for one now they are around 7.000 Euro )

Really missing a OLED SDR UHD monitor for sub 10.000 Euro. even though that is at least for me the most likely delivery spec right now for web deliveries, but hey its all good , I usually trust my A250 for colors but for UHD delivery I play it back on a LG OLED in UHD as well.

I have been watching this with interest, I think 2021 is the year I buy a real broadcast monitor. Out of curiosity what are my fellow Mac Pro owners using to get from computer to broadcast display? Some kind of blackmagic/aja solution or just hdmi out of the Mac?

And do you like your solution?

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I’ve got an Eizo for me and a massive LG with lut box for client.

I’ve tried the HDMI out, a Blackmagic 4k Mini Monitor, and a Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4k Mini. All 3 work fine.

Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4K Mini - looks cute with the little screen, but wish it was either smaller or was a 1u so I could rack it handsomely. The 1/4inch left and right audio outs are helpful to feed a Mackie Big Knob. Frees up a PCIe slot in your Mac Pro if you are tight on space. Every once in a while I do get weird distortion in Spotify music whilst GPU is under heavy load…no idea if that is from monitoring all audio from the Mac Pro through the card or not. I can’t remember if you can monitor video only and use the 1/8th inch mini jack from the Apple IO card to monitor audio or not. I think you can, but its been a while. The Thunderbolt cable size limitations on the Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4k Mini are a pain for me, but, that’s my room/setup. Plus, I may be wrong, but sometimes I have to reset my PRAM because I swear a Thunderbolt device on my machine is acting up and the Mac Pro thinks its a system disk. But that could be another CCC bootable clone acting up on a SoftRaid volume I’m running.

Blackmagic 4K Monitor Mini - super cheap, love it, but you do need a de-embedder if you want to monitor audio from the card. I think I’ll revert to this to simplify rack space. But of course, it does use a PCIe x8 slot which is valuable real estate. I have a several SDI devices on my desk so its kinda a no brainer to just run an SDI from the rack to the desk and deal with scopes/audio monitors and an Atem mini with micro SDI to HDMI converters there.

Don’t forget about the whole audio monitoring thing. It gets annoying fasts if you are wanting to monitor audio from 2-3 devices, have 1 set of speakers, have a microphone, etc.

If you decide to go with the Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4K Mini, I’ll sell you mine and a Mackie Big Knob for a deal.

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Can we have a Finn review?


This is the one we saw at IBC, right?

no ! the IBC one was 55" this is the 32" it was announced today!

We ordered one , ships in 10 weeks .

Finallt a “class-1” mastering OLED that can do HDR at 1000NIT for sub $10K

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you will get that.