Broadcast monitor recos?

Hi everyone,

I am thinking of upgrading my Barco RHDM Grade 01 monitor and wondered what everyones flavour of the month is right now? I LOVE my Barco but am looking for a reliable 4K, auto-calibration would be nice and something lighter than the Barco that could get mounted to a VESA arm?

Any reco’s greatly appreciated!


we are in a weird state right now where there are no 4K resolution SDR broadcast monitors out there.
its either fully splurge for HDR or get something full-HD only .

This is due to the fact that the biggest customer of those screens are broadcast studios so your CNN and FOX and what have you, and the standard goes HD to now UHD-1 , UHD-1 is allready HDR though.

You can use a HDR monitor for SDR - no problem but those are really quiet limited and your dont have that many choices, especially in the class 1 territory

Sony HX310, Eizo CG3142 and the Flanders scientific dual layer LCD screens all use the same panansonic made panel with the hx310 not supporting luts and the eizo having a build in probe (although I would question the useabillity of a built in probe on a 25.000$ monitor…) .

Then you have your range of FALD displays that can exhibit blooming but are generally brighter , canon makes a few , as does sony and some others.

Yea and then thats about it. I was searching for a broadcast UHD or 4K DCI resolution SDR screen under $10.000 but I came out empty handed and the best I could find that would check most boxes would be a Eizo CG319X, thats not exactly class 1 but in the “good enough” territory.

If you can go down to HD resolution even then your options are getting thinner every day, the great sony A250 OLED and its flander equivalent arent not not made anymore so grab one while they last, but its 24inch HD so … yea…

Uf you find something though… let me know… best candidate is the new 27/32" UHD LG OLED monitors they are basically SDR and J hope that the panel will get picked up by flanders or someone like that and that they will make a broadcast version out of it- on paper it checks all the boxes.

Hope it helps its not fun searching for monitors at the moment …


There are a couple of 4k SDR monitors available from Konvision (KUM-2410W, KUM-3110) and Postium (OBM-311). Both manufacturers market them as HDR models but in reality they are not (The Konvision models are 350nits and 300nits while the Postium is 850nits). They should be extremely good SDR monitors though and can be calibrated using either Lightspace or Calman and hit all the necessary specs for SDR.


Welcome @adamshell !

have you tried the konvision ? only seen them in their own online shop and how are they price wise?

I had a demo and a good chat a couple of years ago at one of the UK trade shows. Their monitors were very well made and looked as good as it’s possible to on a trade show floor. I’m hoping to catch up with them at NAB this year along with Postium to have a look at the 31” options. Price wise in the UK the Konvision 31” is about £11500 and the Postium 31” is £13700.

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Yea so in the same pricerange more or less of others then, like the sony x2400 or something.

What I am really missing is a ~$5000 option like the Sony A250 just in 32" and UHD :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be the sweet spot for sure. I went with the 48” LG CX for now. It’s not perfect but once properly calibrated it is damn good for SDR work. Hopefully there will be some new HDR options released/announced around NAB this year.

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yea… dual layer lcd for 15.000 would be saweeet as well.

Thanks guys - this has been helpful. So I think I will stick it out with my Barco until it explodes and hope for a good affordable option in a couple of years! Fingers crossed!! :wink: