Camera Analysis fails badly


I’m going to be inserting some graphic elements into various shots. I shot a test with my phone and tried camera analysis on it but for the life of me cannot get a good result. Why is Flame so bad at this shot?

Equally, why is Syntheyes astonishingly fast and accurate?

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We gave up on 3d tracking in flame a very long time ago.

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@johnag Yes it’s tricky, I had a look while I was waiting for Rocky 9.3 to download.

I couldn’t get Camera Analysis to work either, maybe because the footage is compressed so the features are aliasing.

I got the best results half rezzing and using the old Mono Analyzer, got the error rate to 0.81 so it’s not perfect. Probably if I had undistorted the plate it would have been better.


There isn’t any reason to use camera analysis on a shot like this. As mentioned above mono analyzer is more appropriately suited to this shot.

If this is the level of difficulty you’re expecting for the shots you need to track then there is no reason to leave Flame. Everything should be easily tracked with the mono analyzer.


I dont know… I use a lot the new camera analysis tracker and when i say a lot i mean a lot. Almost left pftrack…you just need to know how to use properly and in which cases will not work and better go with contrasted points camera tracker.

I’m one of those who find the new camera analysis reallly useful and im really happy with it, but you know…at the end not everyone is pleased with same things.

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I use it often but find it so hit and miss for reasons i just cant phathom

Yeah this. It’s just a little too flaky.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely think the camera analysis has its place but it’s more niche. I used to pull it out fairly often but as time has gone on I just find there are very few shots I can’t solve faster with the mono analyzer.


Thanks guys.

I fired up Syntheyes for the first time and in a few minutes got a great result. I will also re-visit the mono analyser (havent touch in in years)


Syntheyes! It’s the best!

FWIW i do shots like this all the time with Mono Analyzer. still works great for simple stuff like this. surprised to hear the new camera tracker cannot hack this!

Just for the challenge, I had a go - it’s not perfect but I got it to work - obviously, the scale on the bottle is wrong unless you’re WC Fields.

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Treating the source image before the track works wonders sometimes. I go at it with Lumps for frequency seperation, Seperate for individual channels and color correction…


It’s probably having trouble because there’s nothing to track in the top left corner. If you have time for a reshoot then put a tracker there and see if your steadicam operator can get something similar. If the production can’t make a reshoot happen try grading the upper left to see if you can bring out any detail. It’s either that and/or maybe image stabilization on the iphone. Also just bump your # of trackers way up and delete the obvious wrong ones.

Hey John,
I just loaded up your shot, denoised it, and ran it through Mocha’s new camera analyzer (baby Syntheyes) and got a great result quickly. I made some nulls and exported it as an FBX and I can now do whatever I want on the image. I know you said you used “big” Syntheyes to get your track, but in case someone (like me) doesn’t have it, Mocha 2024 is a nice substitute.


Thanks. I’ll take a look at mocha too

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Hey @MLandon

I didn’t realise that Mocha pro is now using the syntheyes engine. Works a treat and you saved me $50 month.


In my experience the camera analysis doesn’t do a great job at ‘easy, straighforward’ shots that should be a breeze to track… dunno why… however… it quite often does track the weirdest shots which my cg guys couldn’t track if their lives depended on it in synth/ pftrack… like an open sea with 0 static elements recently… I usually get one or the other to work with a shot.


Glad its not just me…i finally got around to messing with the camera analysis six month(ish) ago. I grabbed a bunch of random footage, most shots thinking they would be easy tracks just to ease into it…and it failed on most all of them. I watched and rewatched the tutorials (which if you look close some of those have issues) I did the track(s) over and over and still couldn’t get a decent result. I then tracked the same shots with the Analyzer and it nailed them. But like others have said, i did try one shot that i would consider dicey and the Analysis crushed it. So end result is i’m kind of indifferent towards it…which is a shame.

If the Analyzer came to the rescue on some tricky shots, that’s a win in my book