Manually adjusting Camera Analysis

Ive been getting some amazing results with this tracker, however ive run into a strange little issue.

I have a bunch of shots in the mountains that are perfect for tracking however there is a shot that seems to be having issues and the trackers have a strange bump for 1 frame and i cant fathom out why. Everything slips for 1 frame only. Is there a way to manually fix this? Vie re analysed a few times and the bump seems to happen in different places.

Hi Ben,

Without seeing the shot, I can only offer a few general suggestions.

Anything would be great.

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Stupid email response system didnt send my entire email… Here is the rest of what I wrote… sorry.

  • Try adjusting the tolerance of the track and number of trackers.
  • Try using a different reference frame to do the track other than frame 1. Sometimes I use the last frame and track backward.
  • If the rest of the track works perfectly except for one frame, you can perform the track as per usual. Afterwards, disconnect the camera from the 3D analysis node. This will allow you to go to the keyframes of the camera and manually adjust them.

Hope this helps!


Once you do your Camera Analysis and link that to your Action Camera, you can always sever that link and manualy delete/adjust keyframes in the Animation Editor like you would anything else.


I understand the solutions to this, but does anyone know why this happens? it seems to happen pretty frequently when i use the camera analysis no matter how i adjust the settings. It can be a very linear shot and I’ll get a 1 frame bump somewhere during the solve. So yes I can manually fix it - but would love to know why it seems to happen at all on shots that solve very easily when i switch over to nuke to test or use flames mono analyzer.

I know with autostabilize you can sometimes fix this by tracking from frame 0 instead of frame 1. No idea why this happens though and if this is a viable solution for this.