Camera analysis in flame 2022.1

are there any new tutorials for the camera analysis in flame 2022.1?

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thanks for the quick response

Having avoided the flame camera tracker for a long time i opened it up to find its totally changed since pre 2022. I watched the tutorial and i literally cant get passed the ‘Press Analyse’ stage , it just fails .
Tried different colour spaces , different plates , and different resolutions , just does not want to play ball in any shape or form.
I must be missing something surely? - ‘add camera analysis’ to the camera , then press analyse… it errors regardless of input

Im on 2023.3

I could use the previous camera tracker no problem (it just wasnt very good).

I have had this happen to me once, can’t remember what caused it, but I think I fixed it by changing tracking parameters.

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I right click the camera and add analysis.

Then double click the camera analysis node to open the tab (pic below).

I set Res to 1 (for every frame), high quality, mask humans with threshold to 1 and set a ref frame (whichever is best).

And it generally tracks better in rec709.

i just get this error straight away , on a shot that is DEFINITELY a prime camera tracking shot .
tried with threshold at 0 , 0.5 and 1 . same thing.
Theres nothing crossing the frame , just a classic landscape , bit of a move , loads of things to track.
At the moment its completely useless haha

Is the media cached?


Want to send a wetransfer?

ah thanks but thats impossible with security protocols at my company

I’ve had it fail miserably on what I thought was an easy track, and prove wildly successful on shots that I thought it would never work on. I think They mentioned when it was released that some things are better done with the original tracker, which still exists.

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And try shifting colourspace.

Hilarious , so thanks to your post found the old one and it works fine… says it all really

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Yeah, the new one is hit or miss, but when it works it’s pretty awesome. I did something with a bucketload of people in the shot and it identified and removed them from the calculation which was rock solid. Other shots . . . . not so much.

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I use the new Camera Analysis node often, and I find it to be very helpful sometimes. It appears to me that, for some reason, the Motion Vectors parented to your camera are not in fact motion vectors. The proxy underneath your camera is an RGB image, but ought to be motion vectors. Check out the Grant tutorial and make sure you’re following those instructions.

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im literally following grants video action for action… it just errors straight away , every time , on different plates , different colour spaces… i give up

We have a breakthrough! I noticed all the Vram in the GFX card was maxed out in resource manager (i think ive only got 8gig) . So rebooting / flushing the memory has fixed it. I knew that anything with motion vectors is quite system heavy so i always avoid using them unless i really have to.
The joys of working for a big company who give 0 budget for any tech updates for years…
Thanks to everyone who replied!!!

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Nothing kills a creative company faster than shareholders . . .


well yes , and a writers / actors strike…