Camera “motion” time warp setting?

I have a tracked camera that needs to be timewarped 250%. I used the scale X method in the camera animation channel to match the original plate length to the shorter timewarped length, but my backplate timewarp is set to motion. Is there a way to have the new timewarped camera react the same “motion” way instead of the “mix/frame based” way? It’s looking like my clean up patches are having to be animated throughout in order for it to stick. The track looks perfectly fine on the untimewarped plate. Does that make sense?

…and you can’t add the time warp after the patching and cleanup? Honestly I’ve never really had luck the way you’re going about it —at least not without building in some tweaks. I would perhaps use the eval expression to reference the timewarped (sub)frame of the tracked camera for the current frame for more accuracy. You can then also use an additional parameter to push the timewarped referenced value up and down… so say the timewarp curve at frame 50 evaluates to 22.5, you could use an additional parameter from an axis or a matchbox (or any parameter) to nudge that value to 22.8 or something that provides a closer match to your timewarp led plate.

Kind of nebulous perhaps, but tricks you can use.

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If you’re saying that your timewarped cleanup is looking too steppy after the retime, one trick I have is to take the render into NukeX and use the Motion Blur node in there - the results it gives are pretty amazing for adding in nice motion blur to rendered CG or whatnot. Just make sure you give it your whole comp and a matte and not just the patches because it will bake in the black background into your mo blur edges.


very cool, i might have to try that for this comp

I’ll check out the eval expression, I forgot about it! But yea I’m thinking I’ll just cleanup untimewarped for the rest of the shots. Was trying to save time, looks like it’ll take just as long doing either way.

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