Camila Cabello & The Toughest Green Screen Shot I've Ever Undertaken

I’ll be giving a presentation for Autodesk at this years Siggraph. It’s an hour long deep dive in to all the VFX that went in to the amazing Camila Cabello project we just completed. From conception to completion I’ll cover all aspects of the post production process that made up the toughest green screen shot I’ve ever completed.

“Join VFX artist and Flame Award winner, Rufus Blackwell, as he takes you through the process of putting together a complex, 32-second and 360-degree green screen VFX drone shot with singer-songwriter, Camila Cabello, to announce her opening of the UEFA Champions League Final. In this talk, Rufus shares tips and tricks to approaching complex green screen shots, camera tracking, making a CG comp look beautiful, colour grading, and more with Flame and FPV drone technology.”

It will be a pre-recorded virtual session this Thurs at 5pm UK time (midday Eastern Time), and I will be doing a live Q&A as it plays. It’s free to watch and you can find the registration details here:

Here’s the VFX breakdown of the project:


Ha, just wrapped a tricky Camila spot last night! Looking forward to your show.

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If I understand correctly, your presentation will start at 9 AM Pacific time. How long do you expect your presentation to last? Want to schedule for it.

It’ll be one hour in total and I’ll do a Q&A via text alongside it

Speaking of drones, most impressive drone show I’ve seen:

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