Unreal Engine Comping

Anyone had any experience, got any tips comping and or tarting up unreal work? Full cg and cg+live action.

I’m not an expert. I have had one experience with unreal. A couple of world building shots in a Honda commercial. Very impressive.
That Quixel Megascans stuff is amazing.

We had to figure hacks to get the atmos(fog) separate. It was the only thing we had issues with. That and the occasional alpha was a little fiddly. We weren’t getting multiple layers of AOVs.

Further than that I just do my usual soft focus, airGlo, subtle flares. Anything to suggest it was shot using a real camera rather than an Unreal camera. Ha. Did you see what I did there?


I recently worked with @Raphael & AMGI to do the opening for the BRIT awards with Coldplay. 1 minute in, the “dancers” that appear are rendered in the Unreal Engine.

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Great project, great 3D team from AMGI. Renee you are brilliant.

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It was a great project! Raphael you kicked ass.

Cool! Was it a live broadcast with realtime rendering form unreal engine or was it tracked and composited after the recording? The tracking and the reflections of the dancers look great!

Things I have learned from the Unreal job. It’s not real-time rendering at 6k. And there is still a need for compositors. With the same tricks and new tricks since at the moment there’s a lack of layers.


I was provided with rendered elements and we comped them into the scene. Pretty straightforward :slight_smile: