Can t install matchbox shaders python issue

Hi happy flamers…

I can t install the matchbox shader collection anymore on my machine. I think this happened after updating the OS because i already installed the shaders for an older flame version on this machine some time ago. Terminal now saying “env: python: No such file or directory”

I am on an intel iMac OSX Monterey 12.4. Found some help on the internet that I should try this:

“sudo ln -s /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/python”

but then I get the error message:

“ln: /usr/bin/python: Operation not permitted”

Any idea or advise how to fix this?

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Hey Norman! :slight_smile:

I think that’s because Apple stopped shipping Python with OSX in latest versions.
You can verify this by running this in a terminal:

python --version && which python


python3 --version && which python3

If that doesn’t return anything, you need to either install python (e.g. with homebrew) or change the install script to use the python versions, that ships with Flame.

Hi Claus!

I checked this first:

root@ber-mac01s-iMac ~ # whereis python3

python3: /usr/bin/python3

So python3 is on my machine.

Hey norman,

did you found a solution for that issue ?


@Hicka and @norman : If you use the Logic Portal within Flame and the matchbox tab - use “/opt/Autodesk/presets/2023/matchbox/shaders” as the requested installation path and install. That is all. Of course “2023” is the version you need to consider for your machine.

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Has anyone had any further trouble with this.
I tried manually installing python though home brew and am still getting the error env: python: No such file or directory

Had to edit the script and add a 3 to the end of python

first line of the script goes from
#!/usr/bin/env python
#!/usr/bin/env python3

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Hi Norman,

The error message “env: python: No such file or directory” indicates that the system is unable to find the Python executable.

The command you’re trying to run, “sudo ln -s /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/python”, is intended to create a symbolic link from python3 to python, so that when the system looks for python it will actually find python3.
However, the error message “ln: /usr/bin/python: Operation not permitted” suggests that you do not have the necessary permissions to create this link.

One potential solution is to try running the command with superuser privileges, which you can do by prefixing the command with “sudo”. For example:
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/python

Another way to do this, you can create a simlink to python3 manually on your home directory,
ln -s /usr/bin/python3 ~/python

And then use this link instead of python by adding the path to your shell profile like .bash_profile or .bashrc.
export PATH=$PATH:~/

Also, it’s good to check what is the latest version of Python your system has and if you have the necessary dependencies and version of the matchbox shaders collection.

It’s also a good idea to check whether python3 is installed on your system and if not, you can try installing it using a package manager like Homebrew or MacPorts, or by downloading the installer from the official Python website.

Please let me know if that helped or if you have any further questions.

I have python 3 installed on y system but I am stil unable to get this working at all.

The symlink commands you sent did not appear to do the trick