Definitive guide to installing shaders on 12.6.2 OSX

*Edit: Possible issue with 2022.3.1…working in 2023.3

Is anyone able to lay out the steps for getting the logik shaders to work.
I am on version 2022.3.1 mac osx 12.6.2

I have tried every suggestion around. I installed python 3, I tried editing the script to point to python3, as well as creating symlink on mac which never seemed to work.

If anyone has the steps to do a manual instal or a new script that works it would be greatly appreciated



The latest shaders can all be downloaded from the website.

They should all be saved in a folder called LOGIK at this path:


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Manual download and drag and drop copy to correct location never fails.

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There’s always the Logik Portal as well :slight_smile:

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OK, i dont think i fully understand the Logik portal thing at this moment but I will look into that path.

For some reason i thought the manual install was more difficult that that but I did copy the shaders to that exact path and still had no luck.

It must be a 2022.3.1 thing because thats the only difference I can see on my system from the above instructions

I also tried the logic portal.
in version 2022.3.1 click downlaod shaders. it says it was successful but i still dont see them.

Strange. Does your preferences point to the same place?

Yes same path
Except the version of course because I am still on 2022.3.1

In theory you can save them anywhere, navigate to where they are and load them.

Two thoughts. Permissions and only matchbox selected.

Actually three. Clamp :wink:

I can confirm it is working in version 2023.3 though logik portal.
I may just give up on trying to get it working in 2022.3.1 and just push.forward with the new version after this project is out the door.

Is it correct that the shaders stay with the project archive so even if we don’ see them in the matchbox window under batch they are still in the setups?

Still learning. I am am more of a system admin than Flame user.

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Any matchbox shaders you use in the batch schematic will be automatically saved with the batch setup and any archiving.

The other unused shaders are not included in the archive. Hope this helps!


Thank you for confirming. I suspected that to be the case since i am only finding out about this being a problem now. I know we we wereusing shaders on this system.