Can't load batch containing missing media?

Hey all!

Would anyone know if there is a way to force Flame to load a batch without linking it’s media?

Essentially, I am loading a batch setup that I worked on in the studio – back at home. I know some of the media doesn’t exist locally at home. This isn’t an issue and once upon a time the batch would load with blank/missing media.

However recently, (I think since upgrading to 2024?) the batch setups won’t load at all unless I have all the media available locally. Flame just hangs while trying to load the setup.
This appears in the terminal: GetDaemonInfo timed-out

Has anyone else encountered this problem/could suggest any workarounds?

Thank you!

There’s a thread started about this already. I’m not really following it so I’m not sure what the answer is, but I think it may be a recent bug.

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Ah thank you ytf for that link!