Car tools and tricks

Hey everyone going to dive into doing some car retouch next month, and I was wondering what kinds of tools and techniques are must-haves when doing this kind of stuff.

You know the classics like fixing panel gaps and removing camera reflections that sort of thing.

Mocha and warping techniques are obvious, but maybe someone has amazing tricks up their sleve? Its not going to be CG where I feel more at home :smiley: but ive done my share of beauty and other cleanup work of course


For tracking I have used Geo Tracker with Nuke. Its just amazing what it can do.

One of my favourites is to be able to extract a match moved camera out of objects tracked on a scene.

And… they support Nuke Indie.

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KeenTools is on my list to learn.

A non traditional way Ive used a ton over the years is to treat the car as a static object with a moving camera in PFTrack, and use the built in Image Modeling to make my own custom sausage geo for whatever part I was using, then use Flame IBLs or simple Reflection Maps to build patches.

Im going to be doing a quick show and tell about a version of this technique this Sunday Sunday Sunday.


Facedoll Matchbox


ah cool interesting I wasnt expecting much 3D tracking but it makes sense. Keen tools of course, maybe if I even buy a model of the same car I can use that as tracking geometry. I also have 3DEqualizer

I use this a lot for cleanups as well that might work well for removing camera reflections as well in certain situations.


This is my bread and butter, dude. I’m putting together some tricks for the broadcast on Sunday.


perfect timing! I managed to avoid doing car shows even though I am in germany and there are lots of car jobs :stuck_out_tongue: mainly due to never beign at a company with tisax certification.

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Single spline roto in tracer with pixel spread set to contract is good for those panel gaps.


YAYYY!!! Exciting!