Keen Tools Geotracker for .... After Effects

Goddamn I wish we had this.


This is relevant to my interests.

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I am familiar with Nuke’s plugin. Have used it mainly for face replacement and even solving cameras. Really, really… REALLY good tool.

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feel free to vote for my already somewhat popular (and “accepted” by the devs) FR for Keen Tools in Flame.


We will never, nowadays Flame updates are only about timeline and colour correction, it’s depressing.


Done. Just in case it helps.

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Wow. Yes please. Will vote.

It’s not looking good though when the Keen Tools dev signs up and posts on the Flame feedback thread that there isn’t a way for him to make it for flame.


Oof… but cool of them to respond!

At least it’s out there for the devs to see?

As someone who hasn’t used KeenTools: could it be a standalone app like Mocha Pro? There’d be extra steps of exporting clips and importing the geo, but would that be a viable path?

No standalone. I guess cheaper options will be AEffects on Mac/Win Nuke Indie on Lnx.

Reading his reply, I don’t think he’s familiar with the APIs that may be available for plugins. There may or may not be a solution. Maybe we can put him in touch with a person that is more familiar with that part of the Flame platform?

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Now that Sparks are dead, I think OFX and Matchbox are the only plugin options on Flame. @FriendsFromAutodesk , is this correct?

e: sorry I didn’t realize I was @'ing 23 of you. I thought it was Fred, Stephane, and maybe Yann. I’ll be more specific in the future!


I read it as the start of a conversation with Autodesk and not a “not happening” post. I have no idea how software works or what an API is, but I’d like to think all parties would agree that adding Keen to flame even if it requires significant effort, would be a big deal.

We need 3d tracking in Flame and I don’t see much value in devoting Autodesk resources to problems that have already been solved.


It’d be interesting to learn if such an api is even doable for Flame… it’d be real nice to see Keen and/ or pglabs Bokeh added to it.

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