Change default export setting?

For the one person here that exports a lot of Alias-format image sequences: you’re a monster. For the rest of us: is there a way to set the default export option in the MediaHub? I shudder to think of how many clicks I’ve wasted over the years, and really just want it to default to ProRes. Is this possible? TIA!


Amen, brother!

and the same for Viewport Monitoring. Its in prefs, so why can’t it be set as a pref for every new project?

Save your own as customs. The list defaults to numerical/alpha order, so if you start the name with 1, it will be on top. I believe you can also write a python script that chooses the export setup based on something in the name of a clip @andymilkis. I have requested that the export setup be assigned to a clip. You can vote it up. FI-02106{8FBADB72-C1B4-44AD-B55E-888E3FDC17E4}&uf={DE4513B6-014A-481B-A33D-A3A760EFB36B}&a=v&t=0