Adjusting export settings

I have a bunch of export settings but want to reorder them does anyone know where that list lives on Linux? I really wish it was as easy as bookmarks


yea that looks like the file export files, however do you know where it gets the order from in the export settings shared, say I have 1. apple 2. amazon 3. netflix etc and I want to make it 1. netflix 2. apple etc.

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Looks like its saved in Chronological order. You could easily setup a Python script that orders them however you want and brings the presets directly to the Export Menu, like this…

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In fact, if you send me the names of the Export Presets, I could help you whip one up.

already working on something much much better with Michael and his amazing python scripts, its kind of a huge thing, now he is putting together a multi export python script that is a huge timesaver making this issue a non issue, basically you can export a dpx, pro res, and five other formats at once.