Default landing menu to export files

Hi, Just want to know if anyone knows if it’s possible to set the default behaviour of the export menu to land on movie export and not image sequence. It only sticks during the current session.

Also, what do others think about why the export settings file makes reference to FCP. It’s always bugged me. AppleProres is the format right? Is there a special FCP flavour of it. I don’t think so.

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I asked this same question a while back and didn’t really get any traction. So I made a Feature request:



Agreed and upvoted!

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I’m with you. I up voted too.

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You can Add an hotkey to Export Movie in hotkey editor.
Then use that hotkey only when exporting movies.
But yeah, makes more sense to have export movie was default.

depends on what you export, I’m happy that it defaults to image sequence.

I have an improvement request for this also. Sadly the site is being upgraded so I can’t get the number. It involves connecting the export setup to the clip, so that every time you export, it uses the settings associated with the clip.

Update: request is: FI-02106

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Thanks for the feedback guys. And what about reference to fcp Apple ProRes Should it just say Apple Prores Same with Avid DNX etc