Change Flame Project Name

I’ve never tried renaming a Flame project once it’s been created - I didn’t think you even could. If I ever mistakenly named a project for some reason, I’d always create a new project, wire anything over and then delete the old one. Grant Kay advised against changing project names in the attached post from Facebook Logik in 2018. Recently it was brought to my attention by a newer flame artist that you can in fact change a Flame project name by going to “edit” from the project launch menu and then changing the project name at the top. This came up because we’ve had some issues opening certain projects and we deduced that they all were projects that had been renamed this way. My question: is it an intended feature in Flame that you should be able to change a Flame project name after the fact? Thanks!

It shouldn’t be possible to edit the name of an existing project. Another user has reported problems after a project is renamed and we will prevent this from happening in a future release.

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Thank Fred, Sounds good.

Hm. I thought this was a feature and have used it recently :grimacing:. I’ll refrain from using it.

On a side note, would you find it helpful, to be able to change the color of the display names in the project selector? I would love to have them show up as green when I’m done with them and have them archived.

I realize this is against the user interface norms but an indicator would be great, imho.


We used the workspace name as a way of labelling the project status.

You can usually see the name of the workspace at the same time as selecting projects so I find that it helps.

We have main, assist and arch (archived) to help people identify the status :+1:

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I have always made a new project and wired stuff if needed changing. It used to be that you could change the name, but it really only created some sort of alias and all of the project files would keep the old names. This is probably why they get screwed up if you try to open them later.

It is no possible to change the Project name as of Flame 2024.