Flame workspace organize

i am interested in how you organize your workspace when you do a job with many versions, cutdowns, special versions etc.
We have created a preset project that is on every Flame. And also stored as archives.
If a new job starts we restore the project then Flame says that this project already exists and you can rename it. It’s important for us because we always work with the same folder structure colors… this makes project handover quite easy.
The project also includes bookmarks, batch setups, TL FX etc.

We are in the process of expanding the project even further, maybe someone has other ideas or tips on how to do something differently or better.


I try to use colors to mean the same thing across projects.

Red = Edits in Progress
Green = Footage Sources
Blue = Graphics Sources
Gold = Shipped
Purple = Archived

This helps me quickly see what’s going on with a project. But there’s no easy way to share what each color means if someone else picks up the project. Here’s a feature request to add something like this:

Need a Color legend / label what color codes mean


I work with a similar setup. I keep a project on the box at all times that contains a template of my desktop and my library. When I make a new project, I wire the templates into my new project and name them accordingly. The really cool people have python scripts which run when they start a new project. I’m not cool, but my method works for me.

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When I have a lot of social versions I will have a reel group for conform/masters, which I will then copy to a second reel group and I’ll make a reel for each resize, so a 9x16 reel, a 4x5 reel, a 1x1 reel and a 16x9 reel with the edits on there, and I’ll usually keep the sources dynamically linked for last minute fixes.

I do not build the socials until the16x9 masters are approved if at all possible, because keeping more than 3 edits live is more than my mind can handle. Limited RAM up there.


The last layout revisions I started to clean up more and more the last years and now only use a small layout, as actually graphics etc are never reused etc. after putting them into the timelines. Especially after restoring the project for new versions. Therefore eveything is going into tmp and gets deleted afterwards. Only exception is an audio reel to not have a mixup with gain lvls and Versions sometimes. Sequencereels are also only manually added when needed, to keep it as small as possible.


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My workflow is:
I iterate up and save my desktop and tend to use the reels as a temporary workspace. When I finally archive, I archive each iteration and dump the reels.
For my folders, blue in progress, green final, red omit, black archived.
This is for a batch centric workflow, I also rename one of my schematic reels to renders, so that my renders will appear in my batch.

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lots of different organizational stuff was discussed during this ep of Logik Live