Project Splash Screen

hey flame software people. can we have a project screen that appears with project icons and folders with projects in - like I have in resolve. very handy to put them into folders with Longford, commercials etc etc. and the project thumbnail is very handy. So when you launch flame this is the first thing you see.


You could always name your stonefs partitions to act as folders. There are 0-7 partitions available.

in sw/cfg/stone+wire.cfg there is a token:

We do something similar, but even more extreme which I will show once the next major version if Flame is released.

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@Jonhollis, sound useful! I’ll vote for it if you have a link to the feature request :slight_smile:

FI-02809 - there you go. I think it would be great, much more engaging.

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yeah, this would be great for Freelancers - so many times, somebody says “open the X brand job” and there’s like three projects with that X brand’s name in it. If there were an image to go along with the name, then hopefully wouldn’t need to guess which project to open. Of course, what the image should be is a whole other kettle of fish.

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