Changing default Compass color?

Hey Gang,

is there a way to change the default Compass color?


Hi Max,
unlike for the compass in Action, it looks like there is no button for the batch compass (looking at linux 22.2) in the preferences, but you can change the color in your user settings manually (Autodesk/User/Username/batch/pref/BATCHcurrent.pref).
Not the smoothest solution, but it works, hope that will help.

Hey Bernd,

thanks for the quick reply, I will check that :slight_smile:


Sorry I just doublechecked. Unlike the action compass having it in the main preferences, it actually is visible in the batch preferences inside the batch. Small invisible grey on grey. Much smoother than going through the pref, file

ahhh nice, got it. Thats awesome, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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I could send you a Python script that will creat a compass around the selected nodes. In the script you can declare a color value in RGB. Let me know!

Hey Andy,

Do you mean the encompass python script from logik Portal? Already have that one, it’s awesome! I’ll check the script to change default color :slight_smile:

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Yes! Look for 3 numbers in parentheses. Also, remember that you can assign a keyboard shortcut to any python script.

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yes, already assigned, love it :slight_smile: Thanks Andy

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Can Python access every item in the contextual menus?

No, not everything is available to the API at this point. What are you looking to do?

In image I want a hotkey to add a selective master grade as in the option in contextual when clicking on the surface.