'Clean Action" python script from Sunday's Logik Live

Howdy all. On Sunday’s episode of Logik Live, @AndyBrown mentioned how TL Action always adds a Shadow and Light that he doesn’t need. I wrote a python script to fix this. All you need to do is unzip the attached file into /opt/Autodesk/shared/python. When you rt-click on a segment in the timeline you’ll see a menu option for PYTHON: Utilities → Action Clean. It will add an Action TLFX with just the one image/axis.

Note: If you’re on Flame 2022 you can save a default Action state by going into Setup–>Object & Maps and clicking Save Default

Action_Clean.zip (128.1 KB)


Good Work.

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Great great tool. Can’t tell how much time I loose removing shadow, light each time.
Can’t wait to upgrade to 2022 to make my own default state with 2 named axis… (ratio and repo, as I mainly use action in timeline for conforming purposes and there are always size problems between proxies and natives)

Is your script available in the login portal?

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