Clean up using 3D track and projections. Projector not projecting on to 3D shape soft edge?

Evening all,

I’m cleaning up a shot using camera analysis, a cleaned frame, and then projecting that clean from on to a 3D shape. I’m roughly following Grant’s tutorial here…

However, when I add some softness to the 3D shape, set softness to “for 3D shape only” and then add my projector, the projector is not projecting on to the semi-transparent soft edge? Where it’s opaque the 3D shape recieves the projection as expected, where is semi-transparent, I just see the gradient edge of the 3D shape.

It’s as if when you create an object (in this case a projector freeze frame) that’s attached to a camera analysis, that projector can’t project on to the gradient edge of a 3D shape…

Any ideas?



I find myself using a gmask to isolate the projection area. I think when used as a “3D shape” gmask edge transparency doesn’t work as a gradient.

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I may be mistaken, but isn’t this down to the way 3D scenes are drawn? As in, you can either have an object in a scene, or not have an object in the scene.

Or am I missing something?

You might try setting the transparency of the shape to 100%. He covers this at 7:45 in the video.

Haha! I feel like a bit of a berk now! He mentions it about 5 times in the end.

Note to self: Watch the entire instructional video before panicing because it isn’t working like you expect.

Thanks @ytf


If you are using a Mask to generate the 3D Shape you have to turn on