Substance PBR on a 3d Shape

Hello Hello!
I have an animated 3d shape (open spline) and I want to add some texture to it. The issue i’m seeing is that the Substance PBR is not locking to the shape. I tired all avail methods of UV wrapping. Can you not texture a 3d shape with variable UV’s? Any advice would be most amazing!
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I haven’t messed around with it, but I feel like you may be able to do that with projectors now…

I haven’t messed with this either and I have no idea if this would be of any help in this scenario, but is this what you’re thinking of Andy? Projectors - UV Tracking and Shading - P1 - Flame 2018.2 Update - YouTube

Looks like it. But again, no promises. I feel like gmasks & 3D shapes redraw their geo as they change shape so it may not be possible to have their texture deform with them.

Might be a job for …the deform mesh!

Hey, Thanks for the help ya’ll. yeah you are probably right. Deform mesh is probably the way to go on this one. I ended up 2d tracking some texture over my 3d object with an extended bi-cubic. The flame 3d system has gotten me out of several jams and has been great overall. Would be cool in the future to use substance PBR’s and simple 3d shapes to avoid going an all out CG route. With quick cuts on certain things you can get away with murda :). Thanks again!!!

the UVs need to be continuous or it won’t work on anything with variable UVs, like 3D shape and 3D text. The object you are projecting onto also needs to be animated.