Clearview Flex finally supports NDI

"We’re excited to announce that Clearview Flex officially supports NDI as an input source for Avid workflows, adding even more flexibility to your Flex experience.

For those of you already using an NDI infrastructure, you can connect your Flexbox without needing NDI > SDI conversion, saving money on costly SDI cabling or additional hardware.

We’ve added 3 key features to the Flex platform to facilitate this update.

1) Turn NDI on/off for each Flexbox
This is managed in your Flexbox Settings in the Admin panel. Once turned on, Presenters will be able to choose NDI as an input type in an active session and choose from a list of available NDI sources presented on the network.

2) Access controls for your NDI sources
Admins can limit the sources which are available for selection during a Flex session using NDI Groups, or by adding the IP address of specific discovery servers or remote sources.

3) Make NDI the default input type for a Flexbox
Presenters don’t have to change the settings for every session where NDI is the default setup for their Flexbox.

In this first release we are targeting Avid workflows only but other edit systems are coming soon. Watch this space!

For more information please see our Help Center. If your questions are not easily answered feel free to reach out to me or your Customer Success Manager for further info.

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“NDI sucks.”



Agreed. It’s not the best.

Hey Randy! I did a forum search for “Sohonet” because i have a client sending me a box for a session Wednesday and i have no clue how to use it. Have you used Sohonet or Clearview Flex for remote Flame sessions? Anybody? Beueller?

Yeah, it is super easy. You just plug it in, it pulls its own IP address. And I haven’t used NDI
feature, if you plug in the either HDMI or SdI, you should get a picture instantly.

You will need a login to the clients Sohonet Portal, which is on their website. Or, if they are sending you their box, maybe they will administrate that for you. But once you have a feed, hitting the device, the rest is up to them. Super easy.

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There are several different tiers of ClearView. Depending on what you are doing most of them are not color accurate, especially if you are not working in rec709 colorspace.


Turns out, yet it’s pretty easy… it’s something they do all the time, and yep it’s pretty much plug and play with ethernet cable on one end and HDMI on the other basically, plus a login to their company account.

Alan that’s good to know… it is a client supervised color session so that would be a concern… what kinds of color deviation are you noticing?

we normally work in P3 10bit 444. I believe we have the mid-tier which supports only 10bit 4:2:0 rec709

Sure it may be not perfect but it’s what most of the big studios use. So….

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