Color Management ACEScg back to Log3G10/REDWideGamutRGB

Hello All, I am working on a project with R3D footage. My normal workflow is ACEScg - I have ingested the R3D footage correctly to work with my ACEScg flow, but now I have been asked by a colorist to transform the ACEScg back into Log3G10/REDWideGamutRGB (R3D default) - I am happy to do it, but just don’t know what the correct Color Mgmt settings to apply…I’m assuming its a Color Transform? Or is it a viewing transform? Any help appreciated…

Neither. Input Transform. :slight_smile:

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Like dis.

Input Transforms allow you to properly move back and forth between color spaces.

Viewing Transforms are destructive in nature, and ought to only be used when “baking in something but you never wanna invert it cuz you shouldn’t / I mean you can but only rarely”.

Color Transforms? For me, those should really be deprecated and only cause more grief than good since those are potentially off the reservation and difficult to synchronize in external apps. Think of the Color Transforms as an awkward Default when loading the Color Management node.


Thank you @randy - While waiting for this reply I did stumble upon an old post on here requesting the same info. This all checks out and is working well. I appreciate the help.

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NOICE! And there’s a buncha new stuff on Logik Academy Pro if you want deeper dives into a buncha this kinda stuff.


And at the beginning of Flame 201 Flame Assists…

and of course, if you wanna do this in person, in real life, I’ll be doing some Flame Master Classes in Color Management in small group sessions.

Love input transform. Helpful too in understanding the actual Colour management that you can see all the operations it’s doing when you expand the little explainer text flow chart to the right of it.

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