Color Mgt: can i bake a few transforms into a lut for a viewing rule?

hello - working in ACEScg with a lut expecting a LogC input. I’ve made a custom setup in the colormgt node where i go ACEScg->AlexaWideGamut Logc and then use a LUT from the DIT. Is there a way to bake that out into a LUT i can use as a viewing rule so i get the option in the little pulldown menu in the veiwer? if i save my setup out of the colormtg node and then try to load that in to veiwing rules, Flame says No Bueno. Here’s look at you @Ashby @andy_dill


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No LUT woud do ACEScg->AlexaLogC correctly. ACEScg is scene linear, and LUT will clip everything above 1 and below 0.


thanks Quinn, yeah i have built it into a single CTF i’m using in the timeline above my footage, but i want to load it into the viewing rules. sounds like it’s not possible.


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You can totally do this!

Rather than save it on the right, there’s an “export” button to the left of the layer stack. Export it (and write down the path, because I always lose the path and have to fake a second export just to copy the path)

then you can load that into your viewing rules.


FUCK YEAH @andy_dill

thanks. exactly what i was looking for. #ColorLegend

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