R3D Color space question

Hello everyone. I’m currently importing R3D files which are tagged Log3g10/RedWideGamutRGB and need to export Scene-Linear/RedWideGamutRGB and jsut want to understand where I’m going wrong in the process. On Import I tag as From file or rules and then from there I’m getting confused if I need to Tag the export or actually transform it. I feel like I’m missing something. Thanks in advance.

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Red’s kinda tricky, but you want to go into the Image Preprocessing tab and specify the colors in there. The IPP2 setting is the one to pay attention to. That’s their new color conversion thing. You should be able to just say “Scene Linear / Red Wide Gamut” and the r3d file in flame will convert itself.

With other files the conversion luts live inside of Flame’s Color Management node. With R3D they’re in the Image Preprocessing area.

Tags won’t convert any of the pixel values.

this thread may help a little.

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Had the same issue a year ago and Autodesk helped me out:

We have a solution!
Thanks to ADSK support :slightly_smiling_face:
"In MediaHub set the Format Specific Options/Colour Science to IPP2, and set the General Colour Mgmt to Tag Only/From File or Rules. (This will import as Log3G10/REDWideGamutRGB.)
Then use the Colour Mgmt tool to convert to your desired colour space (this could be done in the timeline, in Batch, or on Export). Use the Input Transform mode, enable Invert, set the Working Space to From Source, and the Input Colour Space to Camera/RED/Scene-linear REDWideGamutRGB“

Didn’t checked in the newer releases. But as far as I remember, you weren’t able to debayer r3d straight to linear on import level.