Color Management with Open Clips

Hi - working in ACEScg - rendered out clips to server, using Pattern Browsing to create Open Clips. Open Clips were tagged as ACG, everything in Batch tagged as ACG - but everytime I render a new version and update in the timeline, it loses the tagging for some reason.

Flame 2021.1. Bug or operator/artist error?

WORKAROUND - seems if I add a CM to the clip in the timeline, that takes care of it, but still seems like something not working quite right…

It seems to be a bug. I am on 2020.3.1 and my openClips regularly loose their colour space tagging.

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You can right click a clip and Edit colourspace.

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Same here: I’m on 2020.3 and I’ve seen this for a while now. My workaround is to do the tagging on the timeline as you already wrote. A bit annoying, but works at least reliable.

yea same here has been an issue for as long as I can remeber, updating version on a openClip — colorspace gone

funny enough hiero/NukeStudio has/had the exact same bug… :man_shrugging:

Indeed not clear if bug or feature, but in my experience the color space gets applied according to the Input Rules in the Colour Management preferences.
If you set up those correctly, everything should be working as expected.

Nah. Not my experience. It seems to drop the correct tagging every now and again when I update my comp to a new version. Same settings on the Wrtite node. Flame 2020.3.1

Interesting. I’ve been using Pattern Browsing extensively, and struggled with this problem a lot until I started defining precise input rules, which completely solved it for me. In one case I had an Open Clip timeline with about 60 shots, 6 different color spaces (don’t ask), dozens of versions per shot, and it never lost a color tag, not a single time. But that was all externally rendered stuff, not from the Flame Write File node.

Please open a ticket with our tech support team so the issue can be investigated. if you can provide data showing the issue that would help That would probably mean a small project archive with Import rules, plate media files, export presets and batch scene. As I can read here, not all users are having the issue which might point to many things.

I reported this about 2 years ago.

It’s been a bug since 2020.3.1 It was fine on 2020.2 and before. Autodesk were aware of it two years ago since we flagged it to them.

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