2022.3.2 exr tagging on import woes

Hiya. Recently updated to 2022.3.2 and now I find that if the clip is an exr, it automatically tags it as acescg on import no matter what I set the tag to on import.

I can re tag them once in as what I need them to be (in this case arri Logc) and it works fine. But it’s an extra unnecessary step.

I can change the rules to bring in exrs as Logc, but again… an unnecessary step.

Has anyone come across this? Or am I doing something massively wrong?

Projects colour policy is set to ACES 1.1 btw.

I have not come across that but then 2022 is 2 years ago , bu i cant remeber having this issue

Be aware however that exr is a bad choice for log , as its kinda like dumping logC in a 10bit integer container.

I would just add a logC-> linear or even better just go to aces. before writing out the exrs, But yea if you set the tag to logC on import it should stick, but I recon that if there is a bug that adsk will just tell you to upgrade to 2024 :v:

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Yeah. That would probs solve all the issues. I think we will be bumping all our flames up to 2023 in the next few months.

These are exrs that are coming back from a vfx company. I don’t know why they’ve put them back into the camera space. A decision from someone higher up I suppose. We gave them aces 2065 files. :man_shrugging:

It’s not a massive issue. Just a recent weird behaviour.

We’ll be at 2024.2 by that time…get modern dude. No one wants to give advice on a 3 year old, EOL version of software.