Color Pink to Yellow? or Yellow to Pink?

Hi guys,

I recently came across a film that requires 2 different versions of shirt colour for the protagonist. The 2 colours are bright pink and yellow. Of course shooting twice is impossible for the budget given, thus, they are leaving it to post. The question would be to get them to shoot the protagonist wearing yellow or pink. Which would be easier for post?

Thanks in advance!

I believe you can go either way. Just request much-saturated shirts for easier isolation from the skin color.

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interesting. Why not use a green shirt to have a change of keying it against what ever ends up in front of the shirt. depends on environment as well, yellow would be hard to key against skin. depending on skin type.

If you shoot outside green might not work and you want tonuse a blue shirt, but just keep in mind whats the easiest to extract a matte from.

And shoot high quality codec, prores444 or some raw flavour should be good, just like when shooting chroma screens.

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hmm i think blue might do the trick. shall test turning blue to yellow/pink. thanks for the idea!

You’re never gonna get a shirt to key. Plus, you might as well get one for free.

For me, it depends on the color. Those could go either way. I’d suggest a test with actual shirts and actual talent.


do you mean it’s hard to change the blue to yellow/pink? or its hard to key with the blue?

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Precisely. Just google blue shirts. Those are models in flat white environments. And the shadows under the armpits and wrinkles mean it’s likely not to key. I’ve done a lot of this and be prepared for full roto and to have to make clean plates of a lot of shots because the edges / transparency will never look right unless you clean plate the edges. Color and edges transitioning to other colors is a bloody nightmare.

I would shoot a test with both shirts, and then pick. I bet you could warp the color in the Master-keyer, but you would need g-masks to keep it from polluting the rest of the scene…

I did a shirt colour transform yesterday, although the only brief was to make it another colour from the red that was shot. Got a good result from the Image node with a soft selection and hue rotate, then playing with saturation and messing with shadows and hilites. Did have to do a bit of gmask stuff around the hands though.

Agree with Randy. You’ll probably need to roto.

Regarding what colour shirt to use, tests are helpful and remember: if it looks right, it is right.

It would be a good idea to get a shot of the other colour shirt on set as a reference.