Colour Warper 2025?

trying to white balance a shot using Colour Warper, and i cannot figure out how to do it. The UI has changed slightly and the buttons i used to use appear to be in different locations and don’t seem to work how i they used to.

Anyone figure out how to select a ref colour and then warp it in 2025?

edit: figured it out…Match button selects the reference and then use the cueballs accordingly.

I just tried it out and for me it works via the select button
colorwarper hangs with the foreground on what you want to match and the background on where it should go then you look at your foreground press select choose your area and then do the same with the background if you then look at the result it should fit.
otherwise i like to do this via the colorcorrect node in the same way.

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i think it has been improved a little by the removal of an extra step that i used to have to use. Now all i need do is select the white (or other colour!) with Match (select) , then adjust using the cueballs to get the right looking balance.

I’m not grading between different shots, this is just for the basic adjustment of the overall white balance. I have been sent a commercial with a very clumsily added golden glow so i want to try remove that before adding some more subtle looks. its not good having the models smile with brown teeth!

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