Shot Color Chart

Hi Guys,

I’m curious. How do you use Color Chart Plate in flame.( Nuke has some quick and useful methods).
I’m going to use this plate for the 3d comp.
Can you give me some ideas for the best use of it?
It would be great to learn a few techniques.

Nuke does have a that awesome tool for lining up one colour chart to match another.

Is it called mmColorTarget -

Flame doesn’t have one of these. So why do I still include one in my HDRIs, main VFX plates and reference photographs when I am doing shoot supervision and how do I use them in Flame?

Well I use them in all my photography because it helps to have a constant to refer to when shooting on different cameras and I want to them all to be in alignment. I rely a lot more on my scopes than the colour chart tbh.

I may not have an automatic device but it still helps me to have something that is there so that when I am ‘eyeballing’ it I can use it as a form of checking. It isn’t perfect even when you have an automatic gizmo.

Also I am not the only person who might be using this material. It can be helpful for CG to have this as a reference also.


@PlaceYourBetts Thank you. I love being here. It’s great to learn something new.

I use it to match colors.
I’m looking at a few ways to use it faster. I’m obviously not very good at scopes.
I need to study a little bit on this topic

Something that you can do with the Colour Correction node is sample a colour in one plate (background) and then sample in the foreground and then you can use that to bend the curves and produce a match.

It isn’t very successful when doing multiple samples but if you want to match a single sample like the blacks then it can be very helpful. There are a few other techniques. One using the colourWarper. Have a read of this thread here:


I usually also use a larger 18% neutralgray whitebalance card next to the mcbeth as I tend to use that 99% of the time.

I only really use mmcolortarget to match a HDRi to the plate or to match 2 cameras.

Thanks @finnjaeger I will try it with nuke …

@PlaceYourBetts Thank you. I usually use a CC node. it would be great to learn if there are more techniques.

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I think it can.Also need it for black-white levels. Yes there are some tools but faster and easier things would be great.

Didn’t Mark Doney (Postman) have a matchbox for this?