Comp on dark bg an object shot on white BG advice

I’m in a job where I have to comp an object shot on a white background in front t of a quite dark scene.
As the object is pale pink and has motion blurred fringes (it’s a bag), have you any advice to make that comp work as well as possible.

I’m not to worried as I’ve already made a V1 that shows it will ultimately work using a clean plate, a difference matte to pull a decent matte and used a color source in mon/darken mode over my plate to « despill » my object (ie: remove as much with as possible specially in the motion blurred areas that are very bright and can’t be comped over dark plate as is…)

I would be interested in trying any other way…

Paint is your friend

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For “despill” you can?

Pixel spread is your friend


Agreed about pixel spread. And I would try doing iterative pixel spread - multiple small amount pixel spreads in a chain, rather than one high value spread.


Pixel spread, paint.

Also, if you have a good matte, I’d be curious to see how that autodesk matchbox works. The multiply on black one.

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I’ve got a nice enough matte. I’ll try that as well.