Comping motion graphics before grading

For an upcoming job I am thinking about how to comp motion graphics stuff, glowing fancy laser scan an holographic elements on plates before grading. Any tips tricks pitfalls workflows beside the “ACES” route? Everything must be delivered in camera space for grading, I think it will be AlexaLogC. All motion graphics stuff will be created in Cinema4D which should be fine and After Effects which is my fear :slight_smile: . As far as I know most of the fancy plugins and after effects itself are not best buddies when it comes to ACES and 32bit.

Do the motion graphics have to be specific rgb brand colors? Because if they do, I think you’re opening up a can of worms.

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If it rly is just about comping, staying in the camera space would be the shortest. Flame is great in using different colorspaces to comp them all together, might just be tricky sometimes to get parameters matching in between, as the viewing image won’t match the technical images for blendings etc. (The colorpicker is great to show the technical image). But as soon as the basecolors from C4D and AE are mandatory, like @hBomb42 mentioned, there will be evil wrong colortranslations.

Let it be the colorist’s problem I say. They will key the colours, soften it to the moon and roll the balls anyhow…