Connected Conform - Timeline FX changed settings

Heya. Been loving the connected conform workflow for a few months now, and have run into my first issue. I think it might be related to an error I received. This occurred after I realized my master sequence was conformed at 8 bit, so I reformatted it to 12-bit.

Then, I got the following error:
Screenshot from 2022-11-09 10-17-29

I thought this sounded risky, so I opened a new sequence at 12-bit, copied my segments over, tested the playback, and everything seemed fine.

That is – until I worked for a while. I started to notice some resizes in TL FX were not matching my previous version. Luckily, I was able to copy drag over from the track below. All seems fine for now.

I’ll keep working, but is there a chance I broke something when I did the copied into a reformatted sequence?

This is the workaround I use as well. If you do any reformat/resize to an edit it breaks the links but if you copy/paste everything into a new sequence they are unbroken.

I haven’t seen the resize issue you describe but I do sometimes copy from 16x9 sequence to 9x16 sequence and even though the resize is center/crop the picture will look squeezed until I go change a value and then it pops to the correct resize.

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Good to know. Occasionally, I do a replace edit of a batch render into this timeline. My resize or 2D transform sometimes change slightly, but I can pull them from the clip below. Not sure why this happens, but it’s easily fixed, so I’m not gonna worry. Thanks for the confirmation.