Convert/compile received slow-hard-disks inside one central NAS/HD

I know this question has been asked in a parallel running thread right now, but my thing is a bit different
I have received 5 hard disks with their enclosure (SEAGATE) with a USB2 in-out, the speed according to BlackMagic Disk Speed Tests is less than 90Mps in both directions, and I can’t use the media or conform or to work. So my question is, can I physically take out the internal HD and plug it inside a new modern enclosure to have all my rushes in one place with a decent speed?
If yes, what is the workflow for this without losing the data, and is there any recommendations for a good enlosure with good speed? What Raid mode I can then use, I think there will be no RAID…?
My Flame is running on an Imac Pro 2017 running Big sur
Many thanks

I wouldn’t touch the disks. Copy the data off of them onto something else. Touching client-provided drives seems like a recipe for disaster.


Danger will robinson!

Do as Randy suggests

OK I totally understand your POV
Any recommendation for something that can hold 4 to 6 disks, enclosure included for a reasonable budget range?

I have a Synology 1621+. Love it! I put a 10gb Ethernet card in it after the fact.

Thanks Andy
You mean you use the ethernet port as a connection? How did you put an ethernet card, is there a slot?

The device has 1GB Ethernet ports built in, and an expansion slot for a 10gb card. There are cards with single or dual 10gb ports.