Weird slow Storage performance in flame

So I am wondering whats going on with flames disk performance of my NVME raid 0 … even BM Disk speedtest shows 10/10GB/s Read write, some tools show more some a bit less but flame “test disk” result only shows 800MB/s read thats a bit… far off what this thing can do and I cant even playback 6K Prores properly…

Any pointers on where to look to sort this out? Mac Pro on Flame 2022 with bigSur.

May I ask you what NVMe drive are you using? I have the OWC Accelsior 4M2 installed; BM speed test measures it at 5 GB/s while Flame at 6 GB/s. Identical OS/Flame versions btw.

its a 8x samsung 980Pro in raid0 , its fast everywhere except for in flame :frowning:

I’ve had the opposite experience. Black Magic says 7.5GB/s, Test Disks says 13GB/s. Mine are on the Sonnet card.

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so weird in my case flame performance is pretty low… but storage is ideling around makes no sense hmmm